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  • B.S. KBNU (Polymer Science), 1996. 08
  • M.S. POSTECH (Chemical Engineering), 1999. 02
  • Ph.D. POSTECH (Chemical Engineering), 2003. 02
  • 학부 : 공업유기화학, 화공양론
교수님 소개

Block copolymers can self-assemble to form nanoscale structures with limited phase separation to the dimensions of the copolymer chains due to the connectivity of two chains. This nanophase separation makes it nano-sized domains with 10-100 nm scale, different from macrophase separation. These ability of block copolymer offers the potential to fabrication high-density arrays for application to data storage and nano porous materials by the directed orientation of nano-structures to the desired direction in thin film.

Thus, in order to achieve these goal, the strategy is focused on the following contents to control self-assembled nanostructure of the block copolymer and their synthesis.

1. Block copolymer synthesis by molecular design - To analyze nano structure and fabricate thin film, synthesis of block copolymer what we want must be done first. Therefore technologies should be acquired by molecular-designing and synthesizing of block copolymers. Anionic polymerization can be elaborately used to control the molecular weight and ATRP (Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization) to produce general-purpose products.

2. Bio-molecule adhesion to patterned substrates - Nano-patterned substrates with functional groups formed by self-assembly of block copolymer and manipulation of surface properties allows effective control specific interaction between the substituted surface and bio-molecules by tuning over the surface functional density. These technological applications can be used in specialty photoresists, sensors, microfluidic networks, etc.

3. Nano structure analysis by small angle X-ray and neutron scattering experiment - The physics behind the microstructure of block copolymers has been extensively investigated over the past three decade. If the covalently linked constituent polymer blocks are immiscible, phase separation is induced on a scale that is directly related to the size (block volume ratio) of the copolymer chains, resulting in various morphologies such as spherical, cylindrical, gyroid, and lamellar phases. The formation of such structures, which have been determined with SAXS, SANS and GISAXS. These scattering methods are very powerful to investigate self-assembled properties and order-to-disorder (order-to-order) transition of the block copolymers.

연구 분야
  • Polymer Nano-structured Materials and Thin films.
  • Baroplastic Polymers.
  • Advanced Functional Materials.
  • Soft Condensed Matters.
주요 연구 성과
  • Teaching Assistant in Dep. of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH, spring in1998 and 2001
  • Research Assistant in Dep. of Chemical Engineering, POSTECH, 2002 - 2003
  • Feb. 2003 Sep. 2003: Post-Doc Researcher. Polymer Research Institute, Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering in POSTECH. Title: Block Copolymers in Nano-Sciences.
  • Research Advisor: Professor Jin Kon Kim.
  • Sep. 2003 Jul. 2005: Post-Doc Researcher: Department of Polymer Science and Engineering, Silvio O. Conte National Center for Polymer Research, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Title: Block Copolymer Application for IT, NT, and BT.
  • Research Advisor: Professor Thomas P. Russell.
  • Research Coworkers: Peter P. Pershan (Harvard University), Gareth H. Mckinely (MIT), Milton W. Cole, Paul E. Sokol (Pennsylvania State University), Ben Ocko and Oleg Gang (Brookhaven National Laboratory), and Craig J. Hawker (IBM, Almaden).
주요 경력
  • Member of the Polymer Society of Korea, Apr. 1997 ~ present.
  • Member of the Korean Society of Rheology. Apr. 2002 ~ present.
  • Member of the American Physical Society (DPOLY), Dec. 2000 ~ present.
  • IPNS (Intense Pulsed Neutron Source) in Argonne National Laboratory, USA.
  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Center for Neutron Research, USA.
상훈 이력 / 언론 보도
  • Selected in "Science Concentrates" of Chemical & Engineering News, 83, 29 (2005. 04)
  • The excellent research award in 2004 of Pohang Accelerator Laboratory (PAL, KOSUA) (2004.12)
  • The excellent PHD award in 2003 of the Polymer Society of Korea (2003.04).
  • Selected in MRSEC nugget in University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2003.
  • Selected in "News and Views" of Nature Materials, 1, 85 (2002.10)
  • KBNU academic scholarship as summa cum laude at fall 1993, spring 1994, fall 1994, spring 1995, fall 1995, spring 1996 (All Semesters, Early Graduation)
주요 논문
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