업체명 업종
삼경정보통신(주) 각종 화학제품 온라인형 품질분석 자동화시스템
효성바스프 발포성 폴리에스틸렌, PS, ABS 등 생산
KCC (주)금강, (주)고려화학, (주)금강종합건설
GS 칼텍스 정유업체
Otsuka Electronics 화학, 생화학, 고분자, 신소재 분야
경인양행 각종 염료
고려화학 공장 및 영업소 소개
금호화학 유화, 각종 플라스틱
남영유화 윤활유 및 석유화학 제품
남해화학 종합화학 업체
대림화학 유기/무기화학 제품
동부한농화학 석유화학제품(SM, PS, EPS)
동성화학그룹 그룹경영 홍보
동양화학 기초화학, 석유화학, 정밀화학등 화학공업
듀폰 섬유, 화학
SK 종합에너지, 종합화학기업
유니온 화성 합성 피혁용 폴리우레탄 수지 제조업체
이수화학 알킬벤젠, 노말파라핀 및 각종 윤활유 생산업체
인천화학 반도체, 전자부품, PCB제품 생산
한국 스즈키 테크노 화학약품 및 화학물질
한국석유공업 석유공업, 석유화학, 합성수지
한창 화학  
Advanced Chem Tech  
Affinity Bioreagents  
Aldrich Chemical Company Sorta...
Anderson's Time Saving Guides Lots of comparative commercial biotech infomation
Arris Pharmaceuticals  
Beckman Instruments  
Beilstein CrossFire 6 million compounds at your fingertips
BioSupply Net Search for commercial scientific supplies and vendors
Biotech Company WWW Registry Email addresses and more!
BioWorld Home Page Supplier of products for RNA, DNA, peptide, and Ab research
Blackwell Scientific Publishing  
Bruker Instruments NMR
Calgon Chemicals  
Cambridge Scientific Computing ChemDraw, etc.
Chemical Abstracts Internationa CAS Online
CytRx Home Page Makers of TiterMax adjuvant
Dalton Chemical Laboratories Oligos, phosphoramidites, molbiol prods
DATABASES of chemicals and chemical information available from MDL
DNA* (DNA Star) Life science software
Eli Lilly and Company Pharmaceuticals  
Exon-Intron Inc.  
Fisher Scientific Online Catalog, plus 27 MBytes of MSDS
Gelman Sciences  
Genetics Computer Group (GCG)  
Genome Systems  
Hitachi Software  
Hitachi Instrument A manufacture of analytical instruments and scientific software including thchniques such as UV-Vis, Fluorescence, and atomic spectroscopy and Liquid Chromatography. 
Hybaid Instruments Thermocyclers, etc.
Hypercube Software Makers of HyperChem molecular modeling software
IGEN Detection and quantification of molecular interactions
Image Analytics Microscopic image analysis hardware and software
Ingen Laboratories Fluorescence in situ hybridization
Leica Corporation Microscopes, cameras, etc.
Life Technologies Gibco, BRL, etc.
MCAT (Princeton)  
Media Cybernetics Scientific image analysis software
Merck and Company Pharmaceuticals  
Molecular Dynamics Image analysis
Molecular Simulations, Inc. (MSI) Developers of QUANTA/CHARMM
Nest group HPLC and DNA products
New England Biolabs  
Oxford Molecular Group Oxford, Intelligenetics software
Oxford Press  
Packard Instruments Scintillation equipment
Pan Vera Corporation TaKaRa products, etc.
Perkin Elmer Instruments  
Phase Separations one of the world's leading manufacturers of spherical silica, specifically designded for use in chromatography
PSC Lamps Big selection of replacement bulbs/lamps
Quantum Health Resources Alternative therapies for patients with rare diseases
R&D Systems Molecular biology and cytokine reagents
Research Information Systems (RIS) Makers of Reference Manager and Update
Research Organics High purity biochemicals
Rheodyne HPLC valves and injectors
Rohm and Haas Chemicals Ambelite XAC etc...
Scientific Equipment Exchange Source for used scientific equipment
Searle Pharmaceuticals  
Sigma Chemical Company  
SilverPlatter World MedLine on CD Rom
Softshell Software Chemical drawing, etc.
Spectrocell Spectrophotometer cells
Tripos Associates Molecular modeling software
Waters Chromatography, HPLC
World Wide ChemNet Trying to be the worlds chem product guide