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Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea (ABEEK)

Fundamental Educational Objectives

Fostering professional global leading engineers in the field of chemical engineering for globalization and information society based on Christian spirit

Specific Educational Objectives

- Developing the qualities required by chemical engineers in the field and building up creativity to technical problems.

- Developing the basic skills required for the participation in national policy making as a professional researcher.

- Developing the capabilities for application and exploration in new processes and next frontier.

- Fostering leaders with superior technical skills, a sense of moral responsibility and collaboration to display creative research and application skills.

- Developing skills as a global leader in international engineering.



1 Ability to apply knowledge and information in mathematics, basic science, and engineering to solve engineering problems.
2 Ability to analyze data and verify a given fact or hypothesis through experiment.
3 Ability to define and formulate engineering problems.
4 Ability to use latest information, research findings, and appropriate tools to solve engineering problems.
5 Ability to design systems, components, processes, etc. in consideration of realistic constraints.
6 Ability to contribute to team performance as a member of the project team solving engineering problems.
7 Ability to communicate effectively in a variety of environments.
8 Ability to understand the impact of engineering solutions on health, safety, economy, environment, sustainability, etc.
9 Ability to understand professional ethics and social responsibility as an engineer.
10 Ability to recognize the need for self-development as the technology environment changes and to learn continuously.