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Han Min-soo Professor Kim Eun-kyung's Laboratory
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<Han Min-soo Professor Kim Eun-kyung's Laboratory>

Student Min-Soo Han (Integrated 10 semesters) of the Department of Chemical and Biotechnology Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea, has developed a new near-infrared light absorbing material and developed a near-infrared light absorbing layer with a transmittance of 90% or more in the visible region. The photoreactive actuator was developed by applying to the double-layered actuator of the flexible layer, and the photomechanical characteristics were confirmed. The mechanical properties of the actuators were very similar to the theoretical and experimental values, and it was found that they were formed very well. By utilizing the advantage of being transparent, optical actuators having various color or fluorescence characteristics could be made. The study was presented at the Korean Society of Polymer Science 2019 Fall Conference and Conference.